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i will upload two lessons a day.
please listen to it and write down what you hear.

let's learn it together!

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lesson 80

lesson 80  i am good at cooking

failed to upload.i will have to try it later.

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lesson 81

lesson 81 a heavy price to pay

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today i got up early to upload 2 lessons :)

please write down whatever you hear here, ok?
it can improve your english~~and speak it loudly and correctly when you are writing.

lesson 82  smoking isn't allowed
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lesson 83

lesson 83 a nice person
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lesson 80 I am good at cooking

lesson 80 I am good at cooking     page360

m:  are you good at sewing?
f:    no. but i am good at cooking. what about you?
m:   i am not good at cooking . but i am fond of eating .

key points::
she is good at cooking.
she cooks very well.
she is a good / bad cook.
my mother is a good cook.

she is sewing a shirt.
she is sewing a pair of trousers./ a pair of pants.
she is good at sewing.

be fond of = enjoy
i am fond of eating . = i enjoy eating .

be versed in = be good at = be skilled in
he is versed in writing./ cooking.
he is good at writing./ cooking.
he is skilled in writing./ cooking.

my sister's cooking is terrible.
mother cooked some dumplings for lunch.(water dumplings 水餃)
what do you often have for breakfast / lunch / dinner?
i often have a bowl of noodles for breakfast.
what did you have for dinner last night?
i had some fish for dinner last night.

be good at:= be versed in = be skilled in
be bad at   = be poor at   = be terrible at
Frank is good at playing the piano, but he is terrible at playing basketball.
mother sewed the buttons onto one of my shirts.

bob is bad / poor / terrible at playing baseball. but he is good at / versed in / skilled in singing.
baseball basketball volleyball football
打球,直接play+球                         e.g. play baseball /basketball /volleyball /football
玩樂器,要加the.  play the 樂器    e.g. play the piano / the violin /the guitar/ the flute
john is thinking about changing his major.
he has been thinking of study abroad.
you should change the plan.
how much change do you have?
do you have any change?
keep the change.
what's your major?
my major is english. / music.
he majors in english.
insead of studying with his friends, he studies by himself.
he has a bike / house of his own.
he did it by himself.
rather than walk to work, Bill took a bus.
instead of walking  to work, Bill took a bus.
are you afraid of telling him the truth?
i am afraid to tell him the truth.
Charley is very good at playing basketball ,in fact he is the best player in our school.


lesson 81 a heavy price to pay

Tom's father died of ling cancer.
he couldn't stop smoking.
he tried quitting several times.
however, whenever he saw someone smoking, he couldn't resist lighting up.
in the end, he gave up trying.
it's no using stopping one day and starting again the next.
he enjoyed smoking too much.
he certainly paid a heavy price,though.

a heavy price to pay:
if you keep on smoking, you will pay a heavy price.

die of = pass away:
he died of liver cancer.
he passes away two day ago.

if you smoke, your lungs are ditry.
his lungs are dirty because he smokes.
the table is dirty, it's not clean.
he is a good student.   
he couldn't do it.

stop to do sth.& stop doing sth.
when i saw him, i stopped to talk to him.停下來做某事
i stopped talking to him.停止做某事
i stopped to smoke.   c.f.  i stopped smoking.

try to do sth. & try doing sth.
when i get there, i 'll try to call you back. 設法做某事
if this way doesn't work ,you may try calling her.嘗試做某事
he has been to beijing several times.
i have been to nanjing 3 times.
you should quit smoking.= you should stop smoking.

whenever..can't resist/help doing sth.
whenever i see him, i feel happy./ get angry.
i saw him singing/ dancing.
whenever i see him, i can't resist/help laughing.
whenever i hear the music, i can't resist/help singing.

give up doing sth.
don't give up.
he has given up smoking.=he has stopped smoking. =he has quit smoking.

reason 講理
i can't reason with him.
it's no use reasoning with him.

enjoy doing sth.:
i enjoy working with you.
i like/ love working with you. /to work with you.

do you mind smoking somewhere else?
will you finish writing your term paper today?
did the man deny stealing the money?
it's no use crying over spilt milk.


lesson 82 smoking isn't allowed

Betty is at the moives.
m:  would you mind putting out your cigarette?
f:   i'll just finish smoking this one,ok?
m: smoking isn't allowed in movie theaters.
f:  oh. i am sorry.

usher n.引座員v. 引座               usherette  女引座員
she serves as an usherette at that movie house.
she serves as an english teacher at that school.
i went to the movie house the other day, it was quite dark inside. luckly there was an usher at the entrance ,he ushered me to my seat.
luckly i have 10 $.

let's go to the moives tonight. = let's take in a moive tonight.
good idea. let's go!

would mind opening the window?
they put out the fire.
how many packs of cigarretes do you smoke a day?
i smoke a pack of cigarretes a day.
i don't like that yellow car, i like this blue one.
you may stay here and i can do something, ok?

finish :
i 'll finish the work by 5 .
i'll finish writing the letter by 5 .
i believe he will be back by 5.
i am finished, so i can leave now.
i am finished with my work. = i have finished my work.

there's a movie house / department store / supermarket in my neighborhood.
good ! let's take in a movie!
he /father allows me to do it.
he doesn't allow me to smoke.

oh ,i am sorry.
that's ok.

i finished working at about 7pm.
he finished writing the letter.
i was finished with my work at about 7pm.
i have a lot of work to do.=i have  lots of work to do.
his works are on display at the museum.
he began to study english 3 years ago./ he began studying english 3 years ago.
can i park here?= can i park my car here?
we don't allow parking here.we don't allow you to park here.
we don't allow smoking here.we don't allow you to smoke here.
there's a park there.there're parks there.
i often practice speaking english with my teacher.
father doesn't allow us children to smoke.

[ 本帖最后由 ella 于 2006-8-18 11:53 AM 編輯 ]


very good.I like it very much.thank you ella. go ahead!


lesson 83 a nice person

Shelly doesn't like people who are unreliable.
she especially doesn't like people who tell lies.
on the other hand, she likes people who are humorous and honest.
she really likes people that are easy-going and sincere.
however, regardless of whom  she likes or dislikes, she is nice to everyone.

this man is nice. i like to be with him.

reliable &  unreliable
you are reliable, but he is unreliable.
Shelly doesn't like people who are unreliable.=Shelly doesn't like unreliable people .

i love music and i especially love jazz.

on the other hand, she likes people who are humorous and honest.=on the other hand, she likes humorous and honest people.
this man is humorous / honest.
this man is honest, he never tells lies.

she really likes people that are easy-going and sincere.=she really likes people who are easy-going and sincere.=she really likes easy-going and sincere people .

regardless of +名詞或名詞從句。 不管...
Shelly likes people that are patient and kind.
a good teacher should be patient with his students.
Shelly has a brother whom i like very much.
Shelly whose father is my boss is very rich.
Paul doesn't like animals which are very ferocious.
Temmy attends the university which i graduated from.

John is my good friend, who never lies.
John is my good friend, whom i trust.
he is John whose father is my teacher.
he is John whose son i used to teach .


ilsa~~you are always welcome!

and the lessons for tomorrow


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lesson 85
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lesson 86
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lesson 87
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lesson 84 what's she like?

f:  hi  Larry. would you like to meet my roommate Sally?
m: sure. what's she like?
f:  she's just your type.
m: what do you mean?
f:  she's just like you, a bookworm.

what's ...like? :
what's the weather like today?
it's fine today.
what's Marry / Peter ilke?
she is beautiful. / he is handsome.

would you like to ...?
would you like to go to the movies with me tonight?
would you like to go dancing with me tongiht?

what do you mean?
what do you mean by laughting at me ?

she is the woman whom i like.
she is the woman who teaches me.
she is the woman whose sister is my teacher.
that is the zoo which/ that i went to last weekend.

i really like this watch whose price is very reasonable.
i am sorry, the price is too high.
the watch is expensive.

this is the suit that/ which i'm going to wear.
this is Gorge who is my good friend.
she's a famous movie star whom everyone likes.
i would like  to go to the movies with them ,but i don't have time.


lesson85 blood types

some people believe that one's personality is related to one's blood type.
there're three main blood types--A, B, and O.
type A people are introverts.
whereas type O people are extroverts.
type B people are an mixture of both A and O.
they are more relaxed ,and don't get bothered easily.
when it comes to choosing a spouse, remember some of the facts.

he is the boy that he used to teach.
i think that he is a good boy.

he has a pleasant personality.
i like to be with John, because he has a pleasant personality.
what's John like?
he has a pleasant personality, i like to be with him.

be related to :
John is closely related to me ,in fact he is my cosin.

there be..
there is a cat by the window.
there are two books on the desk.

blood type:
what's your blood type?
i am (an ) A.

introvert and extrovert:
John is an introvert.
i am an extrovert.
and Peter is in between.

he is nice ,whereas his brother is bad.

type B people are an mixture of both A and O.
=type B people are in between.
he and i love music.
both he and i love music.(強調)

relax: v. relaxed adj.
i am comfused about the question.
i am tired after all the work.
the work is tiring.
the question is comfusing.
the music is relaxing.
i am relaxed.
whenever i hear the music ,i am relaxed.

whenever he talks to me ,i get bothered.
whenever you talk to me ,i get annoyed.
don't bother me!
he bothered me with many questions.

when it comes to...:
when it comes to music, John is in the know.(內行)
when it comes to singing, John is the best./ the second to none.
my wife is my spouse.

i don't know how he is going to  handle the problem.
whether one's personality is related to one's blood type has  not been proved.

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lesson 86 what's your blood type?

f:  what's your blood type, Luke?
m: it's A. i think. why do you ask?
f:   well. mine is B.
m:  so?
f:  they say  people with  A blood type get along very well with those with B blood type .
m: really?

what's your blood type?
---it's A.
---mine is  A.
---my blood type is A.

i think:
i think that he is a good student.
he is a good student, i think.

= so what?

they say:據說
they say that women are more patient than men.
a good teacher should be patient with his student.
father is patient with us.
it is said that women are more patient than men.

get along well with:
i get along well with them.
he is easy to get along with.= to get along with him is easy.
he is hard to get along with.


lesson 88

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lesson 89

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lesson 86


1.   no one cares when we will arrive.
1) he is nice.----i think that he is nice.
2)is he nice?
   yes, he is. / no, he isn't.
   i don't know whether he is nice.
3)he can do it.
   can he do it?
   i don't know whether he cn do it.
4)when will he come?
  what will  he do?
  i don't know when he will come.
  i don't know what he will do.

2.  Bill knows who our teacher  is.
    who is our teacher?
    i know who he is.

3. that the youngest girl is the smartest in the class is amazing.
   i think that he is nice.
   that he is nice is ture.
   it's ture that he is nice.
  it's amazing  that the youngest girl is the smartest in the class.

4. Fred is the only one that belives what Nancy said.

5. we can only guess whether he will come.
    i don't know whether he is nice.

6. i  can't get along with him ;he has a terrible temper.
    he hit me yesterday, and i will get even with him today.


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